Fuck it im bout whatever tho

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"I am not okay, but not okay is how I’ve learned to live."

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Hella disappointed rn, but more upset. Aint talking to no one about it bc talking don’t do shit about how truly angry i am and will keep being deep inside. As for now im holding this and that as a grudge to the heart. It aint even just one thing its one thing after another from so many people ive put my time and loyalty into, nonetheless respect. I feel like i havent been wearing my glasses enough or some shit bc i been blind to all the fake ass true colors hidden behind some people i know. One thing is you can be real, thats cool and all, but you can be real fucking fake at the same damn time too. Aint claiming to be real anyways bc i know sometimes im full of shit, but the one damn thing i know is that im not going to smile in someones face when i have shit i want to get off my chest about them and havent yet, nor am i going to pretend i care when i dont give a shit. I need people in my life who are genuine… im done fucking w these particular people the long way. For now i find myself looking down and past they faces when im in their presence. It gotta be like that til im over it. Its far from over tho.